2/27/2011  Finally !!!

width = 87" outside of tires
Weight = 13lbs
bottom of spar to ground = 17.5"

2/26/2011  Installed left main today...still need some AN hardware

2/19/11  Left main gear is ready to install.  Still need some AN hardware.  Note to self...Don't build your own gear again.  LOL

2/9/2011  Lower legs are done.

1/19/2011  Received my Tracy Obrien C-90 disc brakes today for my AZUSA 6" wheels.  Here are some pics.  What's cool is that the whole unit including the disc stays with the gear when you remove a wheel.


1/18/2011   Tailwheel ready:  One UniLoy (scott) 6" tailwheel with new bushings attached to a modified 1970 Ski-doo front ski leaf spring.


12/08/2010  This is the basic design for my Seafury landing gear.  This design is from a 1979 Article by Tony Bingelis in EAA Sport Aviation magazine.  The legs will be covered with Streamline Strut fairings from http://www.streamline.8k.com/FAIRINGS.htm

You can download the complete article HERE



12/21/2010 update:  Almost have one gear done as you can see in the pictures.  The distance from the bottom of the spar to the ground will be 19".  Right where I wanted to be.  The gas welding is a slow process but I am getting the hang of it.  As of this stage the gear weighs just 9lbs 9 oz.  I will be right at 15/16 lbs with the wheel, tire and brakes.  NICE...

Makin' parts

Welding it up

Lookin' good


This is Lynn Hyder's scratch built KR2.  My gear will look very similar.  The forward WAF will be replaced with a 7x9" landing gear mounting plate made from  .125 chromium-molybdenum general purpose alloy steel plate.  The upper part of the gear will be welded to this plate.


Here is a Zenair 601.  That is the look I am after but with a more rounded tail and invasion stripes


Click here for a front view

Click here for a side view 

11/17/2010 Here is a preliminary drawing of my main gear mount with the WAF integrated into it.

gear design PDF Link



design conciderations for load springs:

A/C max gross 1300#, assumed 90% loading on mains 1G=585# each gear, max load 3G or 1755# on each main,

Die spring model EH150-1200 from www.diamondwire.com

1.5OD, 12" free length, spring rate 544#/inch, load at solid 2,325#, max travel 3"

Each gears spring will compress 1" at 1300# max gross 

Todays changes: Main strut is now 1.75 OD .095wall tube with a 1.5 OD .095wall tube riding inside against the die spring

11/29/2010  Updated FWD cad drawing in PDF

11/30/2010  Updated SIDE cad drawing in PDF


Brake master cylinder info:

6" long, ~8oz weight,

SKU Number:05735 $29.99 each from BMI Karts