Sept 2012...We moved to Martinsburg, WV

Previously a hobby farmer in Missouri and still a Packers fan.  I work for the National Weather Service.    I am originally from MD and my wife Catherine is from IL.  A couple of empty nesters now our kids live in NY, MD, CO and WI so the plane will help us get around to visit family.  I am retired AF avionics tech and I worked C-5, 141, B52, AWACS, Tankers during my career.  My favorite assignment was the 1 year I spent in Iceland.

Yeah, I'm a sucker for a good looking lady on a 40's vintage grain drill.  I mainly use antique equipment to farm my 17 acres.  I am amazed at how simple they are but still got the job done with out all the fancy technology of today.  O yeah and there are usually really cheap to buy too.