1/12/12  Ordered 18x24 web seats today. (CROW WINDOW NET SFI 27.1)  PIC HERE

8/3/11  My profile will mimic the SeaFury

7/10/11  Started building the front deck.  This will be non-removable with a large hatch in the top that will have a drop in baggage tray that will be removable for panel maintenance.

6/29/11  Test fitted my panel today

3/7/2011  Moving fuselage to other half of garage to make room for my '83 Goldwing rebuild project for the next few weeks.


10/3/2010  Picking up the plane @ Crystal airport in Minneapolis.

My Boat as purchased.

5" added to width

 11/17/2010  Got both of my 4 point harnesses today.  Ebay $41 a set.


bottom is sky FS35622

top is dark sea gray FS36118