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10/25/18  Updated my Bio and Engine page.

10/24/18  It's been a long time since I updated this page.  Now that I am retired I am back to building.  I also bought Mark Jones' Deer Slayer N886MJ to fly while I build the KR2 Seafury.  New link on the sidebar will show info on that plane.


4/29/15  Engine lower end is back from the shop.  Now just need the cylinders re-worked.   Ever wonder what an O-235-C with and O-360 sump and Ellison EFS-4 would look like.  Well here is what it looks like.  PIC HERE

3/11/15  FINALLY back to building.  The O-235 is at the engine shop and I have finished the engine mount jig.  See pics here. Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4, Pic5, Pic6, more pics to come as I start welding.  The mount will hold the engine 9 inches from the firewall.

7/22/13   Changed my mind on selling the KR.  Now it's going to get a new spar center section.  The old one is 7 feet long.  New one will be solid laminated spruce and 10 feet long.  This along with the 118 Hp will make the plane a solid 2 seater with a 1400lb max gross.  Useful load should be in the 600lb range.  Wish I could make the plane 24" longer but I am not willing to do all the work needed to extend the fuselage.

Old wingspan 23.25', new 26.25'.  Because of my 40" cockpit the new useable span will be 22.75'.

Performance Reference: A Cessna 150 is 16lbs /Hp. My Kr2 will be 11.66lbs /Hp

Cruise @75% and leaned rich of peak will be 5.5 GPH at 130kts.  That gives me a range of 3.6 hrs or

585 miles with 45 min reserve.


6/10/13  I bought a 1961 Piper Colt.  Installing an O-290-D2 upgrade this fall and the old O-235 is going in the KR with a compression upgrade to 8.5:1 or 118Hp

5/8/2013  MY O-200 is SOLD...Click here for details.

4/1/2013  Date for Left wing build is May 4,5.  Then tail install starts.  Still working on modifying horizontal stab to add new rounded tips.  One side is done.

2/12/13  Plane is moving to my garage in WV

1/28/13 Installed top skin on right wing.

1/14/2013  Some preliminary pics from the KR workshop.  Click Here

12/19/2012  Purchased a run out O-200A that will get Lycon pistons to bring up the compression and this engine will run one original mag and one electronic ignition.  I expect to see 105-110Hp.

11/6/12  Horizontal stab modifications have started @ the hanger.  Elevator will stay the same but stab is getting slightly bigger and rounded like the SeaFury. This mod has been shown to improve the PIO problem that some people experience in this model plane. Pics coming soon.

10/01/12  Plane is in storage while I look for a new home in Maryland.  I suspect this will be the case through next spring.  Hope to be back in full swing by early next summer.

08/15/12  Aircraft moved into storage in WV.

4/16/12  Fuel Tanks have arrived !!!  Pics are HERE

3/31/12  5 gal wing tanks have been dropped off at the welders shop.  Pics in about 3 weeks.

2/20/12  Right wing skin is test fitted today.  Click HERE

2/1/12  Changing from Corvair power to Continental O-200.   All Corvair stuff has been sold.

1/6/2012  Latest changes to the fuel system as I build the wings HERE

12/17/11  Youtube video of my Landing Gear HERE

12/17/11  Moved fuselage to heated part of my garage so wings can be built.  Photo HERE

KR2 Video:  Here

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10/15/11  Working on Firewall HERE

10/11/11  Pricing new laminated spar to increase wingspan from 24' to 26 or 27'...Decided to go with elliptical Hoerner style wingtips to increase the span... See Wing page

8/29/11  New pics on Canopy page

8/3/11  New pics on Fuselage page

8/1/11  Home with my new short block and engine mount

7/29/11  Headed to OSH

7/20/11  Youtube video of my Control system HERE

7/10/11  Front Deck started.  PIC

7/1/11  Bought a +.040 short block for my test flight engine.  Still gonna build the 3L and put in the plane later.  Check out the engine page

6/29/11  Panel mounted for first time.  See fuselage page

6/6/11  Received my exhaust today Click HERE

5/16/2011  Bought my Ellison EFS-3A Throttle Body Injector and my EXP100-2v DC load center today

5/15/2011  Moved the fuselage back to my shop...Time to get back to it

4/29/11  Dropped off my Corvair heads @ Falcon Machine

This is my SeaFury builders webpage.  My Seafury is loosly based on the KR2S but will have many major modifications to make it look more like the British Hawker Seafury.  I plan on designing and building my own conventional gear and the plane may have a Corvair engine or an O-235. 

Why base it on the KR2S you may ask.  Well for me it came down to size and construction methods.  I wanted to build a Hawker Sea Fury replica and the choices are to scratch build my own design, build a WAR aircraft or adapt another kitplane.  The WAR aircraft is too small and only a single seater and I am not interested in designing and building my own plane so that leaves the KR2S witch is easily adaptable.

My KR2S Seafury specs:


40" cockpit width with zenith 601xl canopy

27' wingspan RAF 48 airfoil no flaps w/speedbrake

2780cc Corvair 105 Hp

Conventional gear

Target empty weight 750#, max gross 1300#

Fuel burn leaned 5.5 gph, Cruise @ 75% power 130kts

Email  for me is:  c_williams5 at yahoo