LINKS to products, data and helpful information:

1.  2010 BRS parachute price list   Yes, there have been KR2 installs prior to mine.

2.  AS5048/X wing Rib data and templates CLICK HERE

3.  John Deere Dynamo info.  CLICK HERE

4.  How to calibrate your ASI.  CLICK HERE

5.  EXP DC power buss. A complete electrical system on a circuit board.  CLICK HERE

6.  RST Engineering avionics projects.  CLICK HERE

7.  Composite construction basics.  CLICK HERE

8.  Instrument marking tape.  CLICK HERE

9.  Continental Engine data.  CLICK HERE

10.  Carb heat muff:  CLICK HERE

11.  Flight Data Systems products.  CLICK HERE

12.  Nitrous 101:  CLICK HERE

13.  Light Speed Engineering.  Mods for the O-200:  CLICK HERE

14.  Flight Widget Annunciators:  CLICK HERE

15.  Actuators for your belly board:  CLICK HERE

16.  Dave Morris VHF Loop Antenna:  CLICK HERE

17.  DOW 730 RTV fuel tank sealant:  CLICK HERE

18.  Custom Graphics and placards:  CLICK HERE

19.  RV-7 flight training near Dallas, Tx:  CLICK HERE

20.  RV-6 flight training near Okeechobee, Florida: CLICK HERE


22.  Taylor Monoplane:  CLICK HERE

KRNet Search utility:  CLICK HERE


1.  Diehl wing skin installation manual for RAF48:  HTML version or PDF version

2.  Mark Langfords instrument panel (DWG format):  CLICK HERE

3.  KR2S profile (DWG format):  CLICK HERE

4.  1988 KR2 design analysis:  CLICK HERE

5.  RAF-48 plot in GIF: CLICK HERE

6.  AutoCad free viewer: CLICK HERE

7.  DoubleCad XT free CAD software:  CLICK HERE

8.  Google Sketchup free:  CLICK HERE

9.  Examples of Flight Test Plans: HereHERE, here and here

10.  POH example:  CLICK HERE

11.  Vinyl Ester mixing chart in PDF.  CLICK HERE

12.  SAE prop hub patterns in PDF.  CLICK HERE

13. Faux guns for your wings. PDF  CLICK HERE

14.  Fuel Tank Venting.  PDF   CLICK HERE