I am modifying some C-150 tanks to use as my 6.5 gallon stub wing tanks.  I will use the back half of the tanks.   PIC#1, PIC#2, PIC#3, PIC#4, PIC#5

1/12/13 and  1/13/13.  Her is just a quick sample...Pic#1Pic#2Pic#3Pic#4,  Pic#5,  Pic#6,  Pic#7,  Pic#8,  Pic#9,  Pic#10,  Pic#11,  Pic#12

4/16/12  NEW 5 Gallon outer wing aux tank pics...Pic#1, Pic#2, Pic#3, Pic#4, Pic#5, Pic#6, Pic#7

2/20/12  Making good progress on my right wing.  Still need the correct NEW hardware installed but I am to the point I could epoxy the lower skin on at any time. 

2/20/12 Working on the Right wing...  Pic#1, Pic#2, Pic#3, Pic#4, Pic#5, Pic#6

1/7/12  New pics of the fuel tank plug (pic#1)  (pic#2)  (pic#3)   This plug will be covered in plastic and glassed over to create the tank.  Once the bottom wing skin is on it will be installed before the top skin goes on.

1/6/2012  New fuel tank design (updated on 2/21/12)  Pic HERE

New Pictures coming as I get going on the RH wing build

10/13/11  I plan to build my wings this winter and thought about increasing the span to increase the max gross to 1300lbs.  Decided instead that wing tips will be elliptical like this KR (N84KR) and be Hoerner style to improve efficiency without adding span.  Looking for at least 550lb useful load so final AC weight among other things will determine if I can use 1200 - 1250 as my max gross.

Hoerner tips explained

Photo courtesy of builder Carl P Eldridge

Photo courtesy of builder Carl P Eldridge

Here is a replica 500 lb bomb made by Tony Pileggi of  He suggested I use it for my external tanks but I think it made be too big.  Decided I liked the tube tanks instead but may still make some fake bombs to strap under the wing for show.

This is my current 12 gallon tank design.  Two side by side 5"x72"x.035 wall 6061 aluminum tubes connected top and bottom for filling and venting.  Only the fwd tube will be fitted with a filler neck.  Both will feed a sump assembly at the root.  Some welding required

Picked up the Aluminum tubes today 11/10/10 from  These are 78" long and 5" ID.  If they will fit at that length I should end up with 26 gallons

Well, they say neccessity is a real mother.  It turns out that the airfoil taper will not allow two 5" tubes in that location.  My final fix is to change the rear tube to a 4" and still put both to the rear of the spar so my CG is not affected during flight.  That will make the QTY to 9.5 gallons each side.  That 19 gallons will give me 3 Hrs endurance with a 30-45 min reserve if leaned to 5 gal/hr burn rate.

11/21/2101 Ordered my fuel filler today Link Here  It will be recessed into the top of the wing.  My wingtips will be removable to allow for connecting hoses.

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