Making a fwd deck with no mold


Start with 1 airplane - 9/15/2013


Step 1.  Form the deck out of Home Depot pink foam.  (tip...try not to use any spray foam or drywall mud for shaping.  It will make the later steps easier)


Step 2.  Remove the plug from the airplane and using a handheld router with a small flat bit set to 1/4 inch depth, route the plug with ~1 inch spaced channels in 2 directions (see photos)

(tip...this is when you benefit from no drywall mud)



Step 3.  Now use the router to remove more of the material, but leave enough high spots so the router will not gouge the material.


This is what you should be left with


Step 4.  Using a large rasp file remove the high spots.


This what you will be left with.  A plug that is now 1/4" smaller than when you started.  It is in the space that we will layup our fwd deck.


Step 5.  Adding the stiffners.  First, set your router bit set to a 3/4 inch depth.  Then layout your pattern with a marker on the foam plug and run the router along your lines.  Next, use a small saw to open the groove to a V patters and finally you will flare the edges with some 80 grit sandpaper.




Step 6.  Mix 3 cups 20 min drywall powder to 1 cup flox and add warm water untill drywall paste is like runny syrup.  Slather it on the plug and led dry for 24 hours.  Sand and apply a coat of KILZ stain blocker/primer.  Next put 3 coats of your favorite latez paint on and let dry.



Step 7.  

Plane ready to move

This tail is similar to one I plan on building for my KR2S-Seafury


Some other Stuff


Some pictures of my el-cheapo powdercoat system.  Just a 55 gal drum, torpedo heater and a Craftsman powercoat gun using Harbor Freight powdercoat paint

Tailwheel is now mint green because the zinc phosphate primer bled through a little.  I guess the primer needs more than 24 hours to dry.  All parts will get an enamel topcoat anyway